FAQ: Which Life Insurance Policy Is Interst Sensitive?


What type of life insurance is interest sensitive?

Interest sensitive life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance coverage that combines the benefits of whole life and universal life policies. The policy is sometimes referred to as an “excess interest ” or “current assumption” whole life policy.

Which policy is interest sensitive?

Interest – Sensitive Life Insurance — a life insurance policy that credits the policyholder with interest, based upon the investment return earned by the insurance company on all of the policies in a particular group.

What is an interest sensitive whole life insurance policy?

Interest Sensitive Whole LifeSM is a guaranteed fixed-premium, non-participating permanent life insurance policy with a Guaranteed Minimum Cash Value that increases each year and equals the Face Amount at age 100. The Policy Account Value may be enhanced by additional interest credited at non-guaranteed current rates.

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What is another name for interest sensitive whole life insurance?

Current assumption whole life insurance, which is also known as fixed premium universal life or interest – sensitive whole life, is a variation of universal life insurance. It involves fixed premiums and fixed death benefits, and, as in other universal life policies, its growth in cash value depends on market conditions.

What is interest sensitive?

Interest rate sensitivity is a measure of how much the price of a fixed-income asset will fluctuate as a result of changes in the interest rate environment. Securities that are more sensitive have greater price fluctuations than those with less sensitivity.

Is Variable Life Insurance Interest sensitive?

Variable Life Most types of both traditional and interest sensitive life policies can be purchased on either a fixed-dollar or variable basis. Variable life is also made available on a single premium basis but if investment experience is poor additional premiums will be required.

Which type of life insurance policy generates immediate cash value?

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that gives lifetime protection to policyholders and a guaranteed death benefit. Along with this, it also has a cash value component that the insured can borrow or withdraw during their life too.

Which plan is issued on the lives of husband and wife?

Joint life insurance, as the name suggests, offers the opportunity to cover oneself along with spouse under one contract. “This is a comprehensive protection plan with multiple benefits for you and your spouse.

What type of policy would offer a 40 year old?

What type of policy would offer a 40 – year old the quickest accumulation of cash value? In this situation, a 20-pay Life policy offers the quickest accumulation of cash value. Whole life provides the insured with a cash value as well as a level face amount.

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Which of the following is characteristic of term life insurance?

All of the following are characteristics of term insurance, EXCEPT: Premiums increase as the policy is renewed, and the death benefit is only paid out if the insured dies during the policy term. The correct answer is: Cash value. Kara is interested in purchasing a life insurance policy that has steady premiums.

What are the types of permanent life insurance?

Here is a brief explanation of some different types of Permanent life insurance.

  • Whole Life. With Whole Life your premium payments are fixed for the life of your policy.
  • Universal Life.
  • Indexed Universal Life.
  • Variable Universal Life.

What life insurance product is not interest sensitive?

A whole life insurance policy’s cash value is not very interest sensitive.

What type of life insurance gives the greatest amount?

Calculate the Price

Which statement about a whole life policy is correct? Cash value may be borrowed against
What type of life insurance gives the greatest amount of coverage for a limited period of time? term life


What is modified whole life?

A version of a whole life insurance policy where the insured pays less premium than usual for an agreed upon amount of time. After that period of time the premium payments increase to an agreed upon amount that is higher than usual for the life of the policy.

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